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  • How do I cancel my reservation?

    You can cancel a reservation any time before the party start. To cancel a reservation: Go to Your Reservations Check your receipt of the reservation you want to cancel Choose Cancel Reservation If you cancel, your refund will be determined by DearChef’s Cancellation Policy.

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  • What methods of payment does DearChef accept?

    DearChef only support pay by credit card now, we will support more payment soon! We prohibit off-site payments because paying outside of DearChef makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at a greater risk of fraud and other security issues.

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  • How do I make a reservaton?

    After SingUp, you can start to book a dinner party! Step1 Ensure the dinner party data: Please read the description for each dinner party in detail before making a reservation. If you have any questions or special requirements, please communication to the chef first. Step2 Choose the dinner party date: To make a reservation, just […]

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  • Can I make a reservation in private?

    By making reservations using DearChef, you can receive the following services: Various payment service guarantees: Payment is only transferred to the chef if there are no disputes between the chef and user within 48 hours. Different useful reminders: DearChef platform will alert users about upcoming dinner parties, and other services. After attending a DearChef dining […]

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  • Can I contact chef directly?

    DearChef users are protected by our service conditions if they use DearChef for all interaction and trade transactions. Hence, based on privacy and safety concerns, DearChef does not recommend guests to contact chefs by using smartphones, e-mail, Line or other messaging apps before the dinner party reservation is confirmed. Please use DearChef’s instant messaging features “Contact […]

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  • How do I contact chef?

    If you would like to ask for more information about your dining party before reservation, you can send a message via “Contact Chef” on the dining party page. Please realize the information of the dining party in order to communicate with chef.

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  • What experience can I get?

    Every dining party is prepared by chefs, you can experience from it: Unique private cuisines. Exclusive dining space. The dining environment atmosphere that the chef provide. And more closely interact with chef, you can talk about cooking, life. What are you waiting for? Dinner parties are always limited, Sign Up and make a reservation quickly. Start to […]