What is DearChef ?

DearChef is a platform for chefs to share their cuisines.

Private kitchens, are defined as kitchens operated by amateur chefs that are passionate about cooking.

At DearChef, every private kitchen can set up their own account to design interesting private dinning parties that foodies can enjoy.

Guests can find their favorite private kitchens on DearChef and book a table at one of our certified amateur chefs intricately designed dinning event. For guests this is an exclusively private dining experience where you will not be disturbed by others, can have the entire venue to yourself, and enjoy the food wholeheartedly.

Participants tastebuds can be fully satisfied by the chefs that have joined our platform, and you can see up close how they prepare delicious meals. Observe and experience first hand how dedicated amateur chefs are at preparing each meal.

Most importantly, you can make friends with any chef, and learn about their stories. Aside from delicious food, you will also get a chance to share your experiences with them.

Whether it is time spent with a friend, colleague, lover, or family, DearChef offers you an intimate dining experience that is very different from a restaurant dining experiences.